Sustainability Practices

Ike’s Quarter Café has used sustainable and eco conscience practices since opening in 2001.

All of the cleaners used for dishes, counters, floors ect. Are biodegradable, sustainably made, eco-friendly and certified green.

All of our paper goods, bathroom products, parchment papers, ect. are made from 100% recycled materials with a high post- consumer content. To-go wares are also made of corn, sugar, and wheat, which are all biodegradable and made from non GMO ingredients.

Our restroom is equipped with a high efficiency electric hand dryer to avoid the use of paper towels.

We recycle all packaged products that can be recycled.

The mop heads we use are made from recycled plastic bottles.

We serve water upon request and in the summer months use excess to water plants.

We have always served organic cuisine and supported local farmers. We were one of the first Nevada County restaurants to pioneer this movement. Please check out our Farmers and Providers page for a complete list.

Where does the compost go? We have a rancher pick it up.

The oil either goes to fuel bio diesel or to massage the pigs at Dinner Bell.