Hello from Ike’s


We can’t tell you all how anxious we are to get back to some form of normal at the cafe. With things continually changing and our dinning room still not ready to open we will be sticking with to go and curbside food for now. Every week we find challenges with this new focus of service for us. During our previous 19 years of business we did very little to go. We are learning and adapting to it each week. Last week for the first time since we reopened we had a lunch rush from noon to 1:00pm. We had long wait times for food orders. Our kitchen is still the same small size and we can only cook what we have room to cook. We urge our guests to call ahead, even a day or two in advance to place an order to help us better prepare for our orders and our day. This will also help us eliminate having a lot of waste or selling out. We are also often on the phone taking an order when we get another call we can’t answer. If you are calling and getting the message during our business hours we are most likely on with another customer so please call back. We are doing our best and we understand it can be hard to roll with all the changes. This week we will be opening a little earlier at 10:00 a.m. and closing at 2:00 p.m. We have added back some favorite breakfast items so check the link below for this weeks offerings. Everyone that has come out to support us is helping tremendously. It is very clear to us now that this will be a very slow process and we would like you all to know how much we appreciate your patience. All the best, Adrienne & Ike