Hour Changes

Hi Friends,

These past two weeks have been great. We have felt the support of community and are enjoying being back in the restaurant. That being said we hate to disappoint, but we bit off more than we could chew with the later hours right when we reopened. We will be switching back closing earlier in the day starting next week. The hours will be updated today to 10:30 am – 2:30 pm. The mix of 15 hour days back to back, distance learning fiascos while we’re not home, the dog waiting by the window for us to get home every night and not have the wiggle room to wait for diners to take off have made us feel clear about this decision. We know some of you will be sad and we are genuinely sorry for having to cut it off the second week in, but quality of life and family will always be first. We are almost ready to pull some specials back into the mix and we will be sending those our weekly again real soon!

All the best,

Adrienne & Ike