Open for service!

Hello friends,

Last weekend we opened up for patio dining with very limited indoor dining. We are still doing take away and encourage curbside pick up. To make pick up easier we are asking customers to pull up on York Street (the new ONE WAY) and park near our Ike’s sign across from Liquid Gold ( our new neighbors!) We will have a sign posted on our side gate by the grape vine with the number to call to let us know you are there.  We hope that this will make things easier for everyone!

Our new hours are:
Thursday 11:00 am – 2:30 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 2:30 pm

Our menu has been updated on the website. We made a lot of changes to the breakfast menu. We also added a few new items! Kitchen space, food cost, spoilage, change of service hours, cooking space and streamlining getting the food out quicker lead us the making these menu cuts. We know it’s disappointing, but the changes were unavoidable and necessary to keep us in business.

Reopening came with a new look and a new form of service for us. After almost 20 years we decided it was time to move to counter service. We hired Eileen Kennedy Designs to build us a counter for easier streamlined ordering and for less contact at dining tables.

Here’s what it looks like to come to Ike’s now:

  1. We do require masks to enter and you must wear them any time you are not seated at your table.
  2. Floor markings from the gate entrance to the counter are marked with the distances we would like you to keep.
  3. There are multiple menus along the way to get a glimpse of the menu before entering. We have set up a menu table along the way with sanitizer for the purpose of looking at the menu. This table is not for dining and has signage stating that.
  4. Tables outside are properly spaced and we ask that you do not move them around. We have mostly bench seating to keep the walkways clear. Two tables on the upper deck have chairs, please do not move them around or take them down to the lower patio. The lower patio walk ways need to be kept clear for guests coming and going or if there is a line. We cannot have chairs in the walk ways on the lower patio.
  5. Come inside and order before taking a table. If you claim a table before ordering someone who has just placed an order inside may not have any where to sit. We used this system this past weekend and it worked well. We had a few moments when someone had to wait with their drinks before a seat was available. Only one customer had to take it to go. Also be mindful of those waiting for a table after you have finished your meal.
  6. We have room for two parties at a time inside for ordering. One party can be at the counter and one near the door where another menu is located on the wall. Again the floor is clearly marked and we ask that you keep the doorway clear and move aside for people going in or out.
  7. Once you have ordered we will move you down the counter and get your drinks. You will be given a number and then go choose a table. We will bring your food to your table when it’s ready!
  8. Please choose a table that suits the size of your party. If you are two people please take a smaller table if available.
  9. We would like you to put your dishes and recycle in the buss tubs provided. The less staff that have to come in contact with soiled dishes the better right now.
  10. If you get up to use the restroom please wear your mask. We only have room for one person waiting in the restroom line and have signage up to remind you.

Most of all we want you to have a safe and comfortable dining experience. We are still learning and things come up each day we are open. We ask that you be flexible and provide constructive feedback to help navigate all this. Thank you to our family and friends for endless hours of support, to the Nevada County Relief Fund, and to the committed guests that came for to-go despite all of our weird hours and takeaway menus up to this point of reopening! We hope you like our new look as much as we do. See you soon!

Much Love from all of us at Ike’s