When we first opened there were only two farms selling to restaurants: John Techlin at Mountain Bounty Farm and the folks at Bakbraken Acres. Before you could blink, though, small farms were popping up all over the county. Now, 15 years later, there are more than two dozen vegetable growers in our community.

We try to buy from as many local sources as possible, “spreading the wealth” as it were. With so much to choose from, we pass it around as best we can — buying from everyone, yet still keeping our main growers first. From the dirt to the plate, Ike's Quarter Café is truly a broad-based community effort.

Auburn Ale House

Brewmaster Brian is a seasoned pro at brewing great beers. We worked together at Crawford Brewing Company and Stonehouse, so I know him well. He’s an all-around great guy.


Back to Basics

We’ve been getting more than half our eggs from Patty and Rob for the last year, and believe me, that’s a lot of eggs! They’re awesome to work with and deliver superb quality pasture-raised eggs.


Bald Mountain Brewery

Ben is a newer brewmaster putting out some awesome hand-crafted organic beers. He’s based in Yuba County and uses hops grown on his own farm.


Blueberry Hill

Our good friends the Dardens provide us all the blueberries and they are the best! They grow about seven different varieties in an “orchard” that is more than 70 years old. We stockpile the berries in the freezer so we can use them year-round. The Dardens are awesome local folks who have taught elementary and middle school in our county for over 25 years.

Café Mam

One of the original providers of shade-grown Mexican family coffee beans. They work very closely with their growers to get us an excellent, fairly-traded, sustainable, killer coffee bean.


Clover Organic Dairy

Based in the town of Petaluma, in Sonoma County, Clover is a true dairy for the people. It was put together as a family farm co-op to support the livelihood of many ranch families, and has been in operation since 1916.


Dinner Bell Farm

Paul and Molly are some of our heroes, with an array of awesome edibles available at their 30-acre micro family farm in Chicago Park, just up the road. Over the years, we’ve purchased chickens, pigs, padrons, special berries, and more.


Double Oak Winery

Bob and Ginny have been making wonderful wines on the San Juan Ridge for over 20 years, using locally grown grapes and sustainable practices.


Family Friendly Farm

A somewhat new and much-appreciated family of ranchers producing all natural grass-fed meats in Grass Valley. All our beef and fresh pork come from this ranch. It’s so good! We’re very thankful to have the opportunity to buy from this family.


First Rain Farm

Tim Van Wagner has grown greens for us for many years. His veggies are always fresh and beautiful. During the season, Tim also provides us with all of our parsley, green onions, and strawberries. We’re so thankful for farmers like Tim who’ve been helping us out since the beginning.


Fish Daddy’s

Matt and Andy are a two-guy operation — they get us the freshest seafood right off the boat and deliver it two to three times a week. They bring us top-quality sustainably-sourced seafood. No overfishing or preservatives: only fresh catch.

Frontier Spice

Leading the way in fair-trade spices, tea, and chocolates since 1976. This company has helped so many people around the globe by providing a fair price to distribute goods. We love the endless pantry of flavor from truly sustainable and fair-trade resources.


Grass Valley Grains

Reed Hamilton is for the most part a one-man operation: grower, miller, and master of grains. Since 2007, Reed has provided us with many ingredients that are beyond compare in quality and freshness. Most everything is grown in Wheatland, CA, using organic standards. The mill is in Grass Valley. At our café we use cornmeal, polenta, winter wheat flour, oats, rye, and occasionally other grains and corn types. It’s amazing to taste the difference in our breads and batters using Reed’s products!


James Ranch Lamb

I tell you what. Gay and Lance raise the BEST lamb EVER right here in Penn Valley. Another farm we’ve worked with since we opened. They have the BEST!! I know I already said that but I want to make sure you hear me. Their lamb is used in restaurants like Chez Panisse in Berkeley, New Moon Café, and is usually on special at Ike’s. We love these guys!!


Jeannie’s Local Color

For nearly 50 years, Jeannie has been growing the most beautiful flowers at her Nevada County home. During the season, she provides us with amazing arrangements for the foyer and tables. She also makes wonderful wreaths during the holidays. Our cafe also has some of her very special carved out dried gourds with custom etchings. For years Jeannie brought bags of Johansen’s mandarins to everyone in town. Applause for the wonderful Jeannie!!

Lundberg Rice

This family rice farm has been growing since 1937, just down the hill in the Sacramento Valley. It’s eco-farmed to preserve the land for future generations. “Leave the land better than you found it,” Albert Lundberg. These are true gourmet rice farmers with a superior product.


Montolivia Winery

We love working with Mark from this winery in Chicago Park. His wines are Tuscan-inspired and exquisite. Sustainably and locally grown, and perfectly crafted.


Nevada County Laundry & Linen

We have worked with Susan and her crew since we opened. There are larger corporate companies offering linen service at a lower price. But part of our mission at Ike’s is to support our local businesses and neighbors. So that’s what we do!


Produce Express

With their roadrunner mascot flying on the side of their trucks, this company is no joke. Jim and crew have built so many fantastic relationships with the growers of the Sacramento Valley. They provide most any fruit or vegetable needed and tons of other essentials for the from-scratch chef.


Pyramid Farm

Matt from Pyramid is one of our original farmers. Although he’s located in Chico, we use him for many things. For more than 20 years, he’s run a certified organic farm that provides lots of veggies for us, including many that aren’t always available from other places, like sweet potatoes, red torpedo onions, killer cilantro, and more. He’s worked closely with us, even restructuring his growing season to fit our needs. We love Matt.


River Dog Farm

Located in Guinda, CA, Tim Mueller and Trina Campbell operate an amazing farm with super, awesome-quality vegetables. Ever since we opened, we’ve used many of their wares: collards, kale, potatoes, carrots, and more. Some of the best quality and certified organic.


Riverhill Farm

Riverhill Farm is a community-based farm and sells most of their produce within ten miles of the farm. They’re currently farming on 10 acres, with plans for additional acreage in the coming years. Farm owners Alan Haight and Jo McProud strive in their farming practices to balance production that will make Riverhill Farm an economically viable farm with maintaining and enhancing the natural environment in which the farm exists.


Sierra Nevada Cheese Co.

The company was founded in 1997 and is now located in Willows, CA. Ben Gregerson and John Dundon turn out some amazing local cheese. We have used the cream cheese since we opened, as well as the chevre, feta, and jack. Always using quality local dairy, free of hormones and often 100% organic. As with all of our dairy and meat providers, they are certified with humane practices using traditional methods.


Sierra Starr Winery

This award-winning winery has been owned and operated by Phil and Anne from the Starr family since 1995. They have excellent wines, produced in small lots from estate vineyards in an underground, gravity-flow winery, and a superb champagne that we use at the café.


Super Tuber

Jeremy has been running his amazing operation for a few years now. A true superhero in our eyes! First farmer locally (besides River Day in Guinda) to grow enough potatoes to supply us 100% during the season. These tubers are truly gems of the earth. Fresh potatoes are delicious. Last year I believe we bought nearly 2,500 pounds of potatoes from Jeremy! Seriously a lot of spuds. Thank you, Super Tuber!!


Szabo Winery

The roots of the Szabo family are in Hungary, where there have been vineyards since Roman times. Alex has a mission to create great European-style wines using the best quality grapes. His zinfandel is one of our favorites.



These guys are the leaders in natural foods distribution, and have local roots! As they used to say: To boldly go where no distributor has gone before! We couldn’t do what we do without their organic dry goods and much more. Thank you, Michael Funk!


Sustainability Practices

We have used sustainable and eco conscience practices since opening in 2001. Learn more