How Come Those Greens Are So Good?!? — For the hundreds of customers who ask us: this is for you.

These really are so simple, so easy, and so readily available from local farms nearly year ’round. Oh, and what a tasty and healthy dish to eat!

There are many types of greens to cook with. Choose your favorites, depending on your preference for mellow or spicy. We list them here in order:

  • Chard (the mildest)
  • Collards (a little more pungent)
  • Kale (about as spicy as collards, above)
  • Mustard greens — there are many varieties (these are quite spicy, similar to horseradish)

Find a pan you can sauté in and put liquid in, which also has a lid. Stainless steel is best (no cast iron).

You’ll need:

  • diced fresh garlic
  • diced fresh ginger
  • greens — a mix of your favorites (we use ’em all)
  • sea salt
  • fresh-ground black pepper
  • water

Sauté the garlic and ginger until golden. Add greens, salt, and pepper and enough water to steam. Cover with the lid and cook for at least 1-2 minutes — a few minutes longer if you prefer softer greens.

Serve with anything. Yum!

Ike’s Cooking Secrets

A note about water: If you steam vegetables in your home kitchen and don’t need to use all the leftover water in whatever you’re cooking right then, don’t pour it down the drain! It’s full of flavor and nutrients. Refrigerate it in a mason jar or fill an ice cube tray. You can use it later as a base for soup or stew.