Extremely Important Trivia

Where We Got Our Name

“Quarter” comes from four places, naturally. Of course, it refers to the French Quarter of New Orleans, where those good times are always rolling. Also, our location is right in the middle of Nevada City’s “Chinese Quarter,” known as Chinatown during the days of the Gold Rush in the mid-1800s. We also occupy one of four corners of the intersection of York and Commercial Streets. And when we first opened, everything was priced to the quarter.
There you have it.

Yes, It’s Old

The building that currently houses Ike’s Quarter Café used to be a wood shed for the Koch Bakery on Broad St. The bakery had a wood-fired oven that burned up to one cord of wood a day. After that, the building was a residence for many years. It was the first location of The Apple Fare restaurant, which pretty quickly moved to Broad Street and later to Grass Valley. Then it was a Mexican restaurant called El Bandito, The Mexican Inn. For a very short time it was the Nevada City Grill, and then we moved in, in January of 2001.

The Gasserhouser

Ike’s grandfather, Lee Phy, his mom’s dad, played a huge role in the family’s recipe repertoire. One thing he often served up at the breakfast table was the Gasserhouser. Grandpa Lee always said, “You have to gas up your house before going out for a day of work!” He was referring to the breakfast as fuel for the body, of course.

The Gasser goes by many names across the globe: Egg in a Hole, One-Eyed Jack, Bird in a Nest. Ike says he read a history of the dish once, which said it had German origins and was called “Gasshouse Eggs.” Grandpa Lee was in World War II, so that might be where he got the name. In any case, this is a classic breakfast of Ike’s childhood, so he serves it at the café in both Classic and Custom styles, your choice.