Updates from Ike’s….some food for thought

Hi there!

First and foremost we miss you and and hope you’re all well. We want to thank ALL of the amazing people who have been supporting our weekly to go options! You have shown us so much generosity and support. We have spent the last few weeks taking a close look at our business. We have also been giving the inside a much needed freshening up and face lift. We are moving and removing things to give guests more room as they enter and to dine more comfortably. We are open on Thursdays and Fridays 11:30 – 3:30 for take out only while we finish up and implement some changes. You can find the temporary version of our menu on our website at this link, https://ikesquartercafe.com/temporary-take-away-menu/ We will add more items and days as we can.

Our plan is to do to go orders until we get back on our feet then add some patio dinning. A lot of you have questions about Ike’s new job. Yes, Ike is still working at SPD. Yes, he loves it there. He will be dividing his time between the restaurant and SPD because the cafe cannot support us at this time. We want to address some other questions we’ve been getting about why we aren’t open for dine in? Why we don’t have the full menu? When will we open? There are no simple answers to any of those questions. We will announce it very loudly when we have a reopen date though.  Our situation is complex, has many facets and there are a lot of reasons why we are taking things slow. It’s also very personal to some degree and we won’t go into detail or explain ourselves in depth. This is what we will say though, opening back up at 100% isn’t as easy as just doing it. Jumping back into a new and adjusted service in the midst of an unknown economy, after the power outage losses and with nothing to stand on is scary. The streets are still very empty downtown and businesses are still quiet. Some of the businesses that were able to remain open may be doing okay. Those of us that closed completely due to our own specific circumstances are catching up at our own pace. We are doing what we can for the time being without exposing ourselves to more losses. We are being cautious so we don’t leave our employees unemployed for a second time. We have been in this location for almost 20 years and hope that all our guests can support us and stand behind our vision going forward with positive encouragement. The one thing we ALL need is encouragement and support. Support can be getting to go food or supporting a local shop. It can be encouraging words. It can be a sympathetic ear. It can be spreading kindness! Everyones current situation is unique and we are all very raw, tired and doing the best we can. We also want to urge you not to wait for things to get back to “normal” with your favorite place. Embrace the “now” and lets all be thankful for what our community has to offer in the present.

Much Love, Ike and Adrienne